Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reality Boy: My Favorite Book So Far This Year

So far this year I've read 35 books.  (Don't judge me...three kids keeps reading time down a bit).  A good many of these are YA, some are graphic novels, and there are a bunch of crime novels.  Of these books, my favorite by far was A.S. King's Reality Boy.

The summary: Gerald Faust's life has been hell ever since his mom brought a reality TV crew into the house when he was young.   He's known as "the shitter" for having crapped throughout the house in front of the production crew, his sister and her boyfriend party naked in the basement, something his parents ignore, and he has major anger issues.  What's a former reality star to do?  Run like hell.

Okay, this is a bad summary of a great book, but trust me, it's a fantastic read.  King's written a fully-developed character who you root for to catch a break because he's been dealt a terrible hand.  And man, this book is funny.  Go read it now.


  1. Loved REALITY BOY. I mean, it was incredibly frustrating to read, because what was done to Gerald was so infuriating, but it was beautifully written and wonderfully told.

  2. I'll be going back to this again and again as a example of a character driven book. Plotwise not a lot happens, but it doesn't matter at all. Gerald is just such a great character I wish the novel was another 100 pages long.