Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Today Twitter, Tomorrow the World

Here's something funny that happened last night--working summer school has given me a good amount of time to update my blog more recently (yay me!) and in doing that, I decided to start using my Twitter account, too.  The problem is that I don't fully understand who is seeing what.  If I follow someone who isn't following me, and I post on my account, they don't see that, right?  But how do you "interact" with someone who's not following you?  By following them and ... what?  Tweeting at them?  Is that something?  Or did I make that up?

(It's actually all rather embarrassing to confess.  I mean, my parents can work the DVD player I bought them, and it always has me wondering what will I not be able to understand when I'm older.  ((I'm hoping the answer is a teleporter.))

So last night, I decide to mess around with Twitter, and one of the people I follow is Tom Morello, the guitar player who recently played on Springsteen's latest album and tour.  Don't know him?  Here he is being amazing in the last few minutes of "The Ghost of Tom Joad" when I saw Springsteen back in April: Pure Awesomeness. 

Anyway, I was looking at his Twitter account and saw a button that I guessed may send a tweet to Morello.  Here's what I wrote: Listened to a live version of "Tom Joad" tonight and my head exploded at your solo.  I'm sending you the medical bill.

Dumb, right?  But hey, it was a test to see if it would show up on his "wall".  (Okay, a wall is a Facebook thing, not a Twitter thing.  I can't remember what...oh, it's a Feed!  No, I will not go back and edit this paragraph.)  And no, the message didn't show up, so I figured Okay, who cares, go open a book.  And that's what I did.

So an hour later I was getting ready for bed and I checked my email...

Aside: I have this rule about not checking my email after 8 o'clock.  Only bad news can come after that time.  Some of the worst nights of sleep I've had have been from reading a bad email late, and not being able to sleep as a result.  However, I fail nightly at this rule.

...and waiting for me are 65 messages.  Huh?  I figure this has to be a spam thing, and I open to folder to find that the messages are all from Twitter.  The first message:

Kurt Dinan,
Tom Morello replied to your Tweet!
Kurt Dinan
Kurt Dinan@KurtDinan
@tmorello Listened to a live version of "Tom Joad" tonight and my head exploded at your solo. I'm sending you the medical bill. - 01 Jul
Tom Morello@tmorello
@KurtDinan: Listened to "Tom Joad" tonight and my head exploded.I'm sending u the medical bill.” One more reason for universal healthcare
01:30 AM - 01 Jul 14

The other 64 messages were people either favoriting this message or retweeting it.  And it's continued through the night and into this morning.   Kind of fun, especially since I really had no idea what I was doing.  But see how easy it is?  Just pick a random celebrity, Tweet at them (am I supposed to capitalize that?) and they respond.  Tom--he wants me to call him Tom, I'm sure, since we're clearly BFF's--is now probably going to show up at my house later  for beers and a discussion on the current political climate.  After he leaves I'm going to Tweet at Springteen and Stephen Colbert and Mary Louise Parker.  The four of us will likely be having dinner this weekend.

Oh, and even crazier, a couple of people, angry at the tweet, want me to explain how the country can afford to pay for Obamacare.  No, seriously.  That was their response to me.  So I'm also now a spokesperson for Obamacare...which I'm a big supporter of, by the way.  But what's funny is that my message wasn't political at all, at least not originally.  I like that Morello used it that way though-just me doing my part in support of universal health care. That's how we revolutionaries like Tom and I roll.

Viva la revolution!

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