Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Two Big Boxes of "Free" Books

The nice thing about working in a support school district?  Being fortunate enough to have money available to build a better classroom library if I ask extra nicely.   Here's a picture of the 60 or so novels that arrived yesterday.  I suggested most of these titles knowing my 10th grade students would like them.  A high majority of these novels are of the more well-known variety, but I wanted to start with titles the students would recognize in hopes of turning them into readers.  Familiarity helps with that in the beginning, I think.  My hope is that next year I can add to these books, going a little deeper into the YA genre.  Besides, heck, a lot of very, very cool books are debuting in 2016 with my novel, and I want to support them.

(I mean, look at those titles!  And the variety of covers!  It's pretty much book porn.)


  1. As the great Jonathan Swift, "Haters gonna hate." Oh, I meant Taylor.

  2. I think those books would have to be naked for it to be porn. (I'm wiping up my drool now.) Hopping from Janet's blog, because I've finally found some time to get through that list. :) JEN Garrett

  3. Popping over from Janet Reid and the first thing I see fills me with all sorts of envy. This is fantastic!