Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cemetery Dance's Online Review of Best Horror of the Year #7

When I first started writing, I had two longterm goals--to place a story in an Ellen Datlow anthology, and to sell a story to Cemetery Dance.  "Plink" sat in the maybe pile at Cemetery Dance for a year before I pulled it and sold it to Post Scripts. Now, it appears in Datlow's latest Best Horror of the Year #7, and yesterday CD posted a review of the anthology with this:

“Plink” by Kurt Dinan. Kurt teaches high school English in Cincinnati and will see his first novel published in 2016. By far, this was my favorite story, the tale of a psych class playing with the mind of their teacher when he returns following bereavement leave. This story first appeared in Far Voyager PS 32/33.

How cool, right?  So while I never officially placed a story with CD, I'm going to count this review as accomplishing that goal, like they would have bought it had they gotten around to reading it.  My goal, my rules.

And for the whole review, which spotlights a bunch of excellent stories in the anthology, head here:  

Ballingrud, Barron, Jones...and me?  Honestly?

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