Saturday, August 8, 2015

So I Had Author Photos Taken

So a couple of weeks back, Whitney Ballentine, a former student and owner of (the fantastic) Ballentine Photography, was nice enough to shoot my author photos for me.  Not nice enough to delete terrible pictures of me, mind you, but nice enough to shoot the pictures.  Picking an author photo is important because it needs to say just the right thing.  These pictures were nixed outright because they say the wrong things:

This photo says: I am a vampire and have the terrible teeth to prove it.

And this one:
This photo says: My name is Falcon Steele, and I sit staring out the window waiting, hoping, and believing that one day, someday soon, she will return to me.

And this one:
This photo says:  I'm a smug prick and you are a peon.

And this one:
This photo says: I'm not allowed within 100 yards of a playground.
Ultimately, I went with this one to appear on the back cover of DON'T GET CAUGHT:

This photo says: I'm friendly, fun, and approachable.  Buy my book, please!  (Or it says, I have a hundred bodies buried in my basement, so you'd better buy my book.)

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