Monday, September 21, 2015

Something Old I Rediscovered: The Smuntz Conundrum

I wrote this four years ago for an online blog project centered around the great horror writer Laird Barron.  (If you haven't read his stuff, go HERE and buy something. I recommend one of his short story collections.) The following piece originally went up on my other blog, and once I switched over to Blogger, I thought it was gone forever. Today I found it in a file just sitting there, and after re-reading it, figured I'd throw it up here since it made me laugh.  So here it is, "The Smuntz Conundrum", a story told in pictures.  (Click on each picture to magnify.)

Monday, September 7, 2015

DON'T GET CAUGHT: Copy Edit Chaos

Okay, so Chaos is a bit strong.  In fact, it's actually very cool.  Copy editors have a patience and eye for detail I don't come within a mile of.  I've spent the the last week accepting changes and line editing the novel.  It's been fun to re-read sections I'd forgotten about.  Some of them, in fact, made me laugh,  which is nice.  Others, yeah, I had to re-write because they made me cringe.  If you're interested, here's a look at what the first page of the manuscript looked like when I received it.  Consider it a sneak peek at the novel.

Yes, all 230 pages pretty much look like this.