Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pre-Order Don't Get Caught!

I should be able to reveal the cover in a couple of weeks, but for now, you can pre-order the book from Amazon.  Yeah, there's no summary, and it looks like a scam as a result, but I promise it's a real book.  No, seriously!

Oh, wait, I just found the back copy of the book right on the Goodreads' site:

Max Cobb is sick of being “Just Max”—the kind of guy whose resume boasts a measly 2.5 GPA and a deep love of heist films. So when an invitation appears in his locker to join the anonymous, untraceable, epic prank-pulling Chaos Club, Max jumps at the opportunity.

Except that the invite is really a setup, and Max, plus the four other misfits who received similar invitations, are apprehended by school security for defacing the water tower. Max has finally had enough. It’s time for payback. Time to unmask Chaos. Let the prank war begin.

Here's the link to the pre-order:


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  1. Thanks, Kassiah! And I'm excited to have someone visit and leave a comment! :) So thanks for that!