Sunday, February 14, 2016

Reblog: Janet Reid, Literary Agent: A short quiz

It makes sense that for my 100th post I'm reblogging something from Janet Reid.  Reid is a literary agent who runs the incredibly helpful Query Shark blog which gives great advice in writing query letters.  My query writing travails are documented throughout my blog, and I've always said it was Reid's blog and advice that helped me shape and craft my query to where I finally landed an agent.  This post of hers yesterday, on a separate writing blog she does, is great advice for any writer, and it's so good I thought I'd post it here.

*Note, this is just the beginning of her post.  You need to click the link below to read the awesomeness.


Janet Reid, Literary Agent: A short quiz:

Recently I came across an excerpt from a book when it was posted to Twitter.

I've posted the excerpt below and it's followed by a short quiz. 

Don't comment until AFTER you take the quiz ok?

And don't READ the other comments till you've posted yours, ok?

Get a pen/pencil and paper ready (you really need to write by hand for this.)


Here are photos of the two pages.

I should mention this is NOT a trick quiz. The pink highlighting is NOT significant. Just read the text. 

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